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Visions of Freedom Haggadah (softcover)  (Enlarge)  
Visions of Freedom Haggadah (softcover)
By:Rabbi Yosef Weiss
List: $11.95
Price: $8.96
From the author of the famed Visions of Greatness Series comes the insightful Haggadah which includes the complete Haggadah with a new translation and a presentation of laws and customs. Rabbi Weiss uses stories and parables to suggest a unifying theme to the many different parts of the Haggadah that may seem to be unrelated. He helps clarify the unique order of the seder night. Visions of Freedom is a special Haggadah that will surely inspire young and old alike, that the entire family can share and enjoy.

ISBN: 1560623365
Binding: softcover
Publisher: CIS
Pages: 174

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