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Tales from the East: The Lion Tamer (softcover)  (Enlarge)  
Tales from the East: The Lion Tamer (softcover)
By:S. J. Revich
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S.J. Revich has spun another web of enchantment in which heroes and villains come together in great struggles and courage and bravery win the day. "The Lion Tamer" takes place in Spain during the period of warring Christian and Moslem kingdoms. Young Isaac is an orphan who is irresistibly drawn to the private circus of the King of Navarre, which he watches secretly through a hole in the wooden fence. More than anything else, he is fascinated by the three ferocious lions and the fearless lion tamer. One day, while engrossed in the antics of the lions, Isaac is caught and arrested. What follows is a heartstopping tale of adventure and intrigue as Isaac learns of a devious plot against the king.

ISBN: 1560620544
Binding: softcover
Publisher: CIS
Pages: 126
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