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Tales from the East: The Poet and the Thief  (Enlarge)  
Tales from the East: The Poet and the Thief
By:S. J. Revich
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Gather around the village fire, young readers, and prepare yourselves for another wondrous tale from the Ancient Storyteller of Kalim. Once again, you will be transported to exotic places in times of old, this time to Rome during the Renaissance period when the city was dominated by powerful Popes, as the Ancient Storyteller tells you the spellbinding story of "The Poet and the Thief". As the story of "The Poet and the Thief" unfolds, Aron ben David, a Jew who is the most celebrated poet in Rome, becomes entangled in an intrigue surrounding a Cardinal who has decided to convert to Judaism. Unexpectedly, the poet's troubles are complicated by the appearance of Daniel, a slippery little thief who steals an important letter the poet is carrying. The poet is lead on a chase through the roughest parts of Rome before he can recover his letter, but when he finds it he discovers that his troubles have only just begun. In the course of their adventures and misadventures, our heroes meet up with an intractable Bishop who conducts an investigation for the Pope, a murderous one-eyed robber and a wily smuggler. "The Poet and the Thief" is the fourth book in the popular "Tales From the East" series. In this book, S.J. Revich has deepened and broadened even further the marvelous storytelling skills he displayed in "Ibrahim the Magician", "The Camel Boy" and "Ezra the Physician", the first three books in the series. His loyal readership will undoubtedly be delighted to know that a fifth volume is currently in preparation.

ISBN: 0935063714
Binding: hardcover
Publisher: CIS
Pages: 158
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