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A Code of Jewish Ethics Vol. 2 - Love Your Neighbor as Yourself  (Enlarge)  
A Code of Jewish Ethics Vol. 2 - Love Your Neighbor as Yourself
By:Rabbi Joseph Telushkin
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This landmark work gives both Jews & non-Jews an extraordinary summation of what Jewish tradition teaches about putting this commandment into practice. Writing with great clarity and simplicity as well as with deep wisdom, Telushkin covers topics such as love and kindness, hospitality, visiting the sick, comforting mourners, charity, relations between Jews and non-Jews, compassion for animals, tolerance, self-defense, and end-of-life issues. This second volume of the first major code of Jewish ethics written in the English language is breathtaking in its scope and will undoubtedly influence readers for generations to come. It offers hundreds of practical examples from the Torah, the Talmud, the Midrash, and both ancient and modern rabbinic commentaries–as well as contemporary anecdotes–all teaching us how to care for one another each and every day.

ISBN: 9781400048366
Binding: hardcover
Publisher: Harmony
Pages: 512
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