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Selected Speeches  (Enlarge)  
Selected Speeches
By:Rabbi Shimon Schwab
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Rav Shimon Schwab is one of this generation's foremost exponents of clear Torah hashkafah. He has served as a manhig of kehillos in Germany, Baltimore and New York for over sixty years, and in this capacity, he has delivered numerous derashos, speeches and lectures on a very wide spectrum of topics, most of which are unpublished. Over the years, Rav Schwab's ability to penetrate to the heart of his listeners, with his inimitable style and fresh, thought-provoking ideas, has engendered a very broad audience for his addresses. Now, the publication of his books is bringing these ideas and insights to a much wider constituency. Selected Speeches, a collection of some of the most important and celebrated of these addresses, continues the published exposition of Rav Schwab's thought begun with the publication of the previous volume, Selected Writings, by C.I.S. Publishers in 1988. In this volume, Rav Schwab once again draws on the classic sources of Tanach and Chazal, as well as the unapologetic, uncompromising and highly inspired teachings of his spiritual mentor Rav Samson Raphael Hirsch. The concepts are elucidated through the prism of Torah learning, and the result is a rich harvest of Torah thought that will inform and uplift the reader. Of particular interest for many is the special section of Selected Speeches entitled "Comparative Jewish Chronology?" It is product of painstaking labor and original scholarship.

ISBN: 1560620587
Binding: hardcover
Publisher: CIS
Pages: 250
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