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My Brother's Keeper Vol. 2 (softcover)  (Enlarge)  
My Brother's Keeper Vol. 2 (softcover)
By:Rabbi Naftoli Gottlieb
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My Brother's Keeper Vol. 2 is the second of a two-part set which includes works on Torah and Avodah. the -three pillars" upon which the world is supported.This volume is a compilation of short stories and quotations which illustrate the various aspects of tzedakah and chesed throughout the ages, from Yerushalayim to the icy Baltic coast. from the Eastern European shtetl to contemporary times. The numerous stories in this book include many which are rarely found in anthologies of Jewish lore. Rabbi Gottlieb has meticulously researched many Midrashim and other Rabbinic sources from which these stories have been culled. He also punctuates his essentially narrative presentation with many apt and illuminating quotations from Tanach, Pirkei Avos and the Shulchan Aruch, thus putting the stories into perspective.Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of tzedakah, such as gemilus chasadim, ransoming captives, providing funds for a needy bride and displaying hospitality, especially to those in need. The author also examines the various ways in which tzedakah may be given, as for example, in matan beseser.This treasury of stories will inspire both young and old with its glimpses of the stirring deeds of our Torah sages.

ISBN: 1560620153
Binding: softcover
Publisher: CIS
Pages: 194
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