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The Articulated Alef-Bais  (Enlarge)  
The Articulated Alef-Bais
By:Mordechai Zev Nemtzov
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While all other alphabets and languages are man-made, the letters of the Alef-Bais, which channel G-d's energy, are heavenly-made and therefore holy. That is why Hebrew is referred to as "Lashon HaKodesh", the holy language. Words in other languages are used to describe a thought or an object. Not so in Lashon HaKodesh. G-d imbued His wisdom and energy into the 22 letters of the Alef-Bais so that the letters, upon forming words, have G-dly energy. They do much more than merely describe something. The Hebrew Letters are read from right to left. The Right Side represents Chesed- Loving-Kindness. While the Left Side represents Gevurah- Severity & Restriction. We always strive for Chesed to overshadow Gevurah. Therefore, as this book explores the Holy Alef-Bais, it is appropriate for the book to flow from Right to Left.

ISBN: 9780988961111
Binding: hardcover
Pages: 58
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