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Pele Yoetz 2-vol Slipcased Set  (Enlarge)  
Pele Yoetz 2-vol Slipcased Set
By:Rabbi Eliezer Papo
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In our fastpaced and complicated world, a person often has little time to search for the urgent answers to life’s most pressing questions. Due to a lack of scholarship or time, an individual is challenged by personal circumstances, an adversarial culture, and rapidly changing science and technology. Having a lucid, systematic, and authentic Torah response to these daunting issues is an asset whose value is immeasurable. This is the gift that Rabbi Eliezer Papo z"l (5546-5588), (1786-1828) gave to the Jewish people.

ISBN: 9789659176502
Binding: hardcover
Publisher: Noam Eliezer Institution
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