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Maimonides (softcover)  (Enlarge)  
Maimonides (softcover)
By:Sherwin B. Nuland
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Moses Maimonides was a Renaissance man before there was a Renaissance: a great physician who served a sultan, a dazzling Torah scholar, a community leader, a daring philosopher whose greatest work--The Guide for the Perplexed--attempted to reconcile scientific knowledge with faith in God. He was a Jew living in a Muslim world, a rationalist living in a time of superstition. Eight hundred years after his death, his notions about God, faith, the afterlife, and the Messiah still stir debate; his life as a physician still inspires; and the enigmas of his character still fascinate. Sherwin B. Nuland--best-selling author of How We Die--focuses his surgeonís eye and writerís pen on this greatest of rabbis, most intriguing of Jewish philosophers, and most honored of Jewish doctors. He gives us a portrait of Maimonides that makes his life, his times, and his thought accessible to the general reader as they have never been before.

ISBN: 9780805211504
Binding: softcover
Publisher: Schocken Books
Pages: 256
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