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Beyond Redemption? The Nazi Colonel Who Saved Jews and Plundered Their Wealth  (Enlarge)  
Beyond Redemption? The Nazi Colonel Who Saved Jews and Plundered Their Wealth
By:Harold Serebro and Jacques Sellschop
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This book is a search for the truth about the shadowy Nazi SS colonel, Kurt Becher. In his position as an SS colonel he was responsible for many deaths, the plundering of the Warsaw Ghetto, and the economic rape of Hungary. Yet he also negotiated the rescue of hundreds of Jews in exchange for their wealth. He accumulated a fortune in cash, gold, jewellery and art, shrewdly concealed in Swiss banks. After World War 2 he surfaced as a prosperous international grain merchant, doing business with prominent members of the Jewish community. Among some he was revered as a saviour, by others reviled as a demon. In this spellbinding book, the readers are invited to be judge and jury. The enigmatic Kurt Becher slipped through the net at the post-war Nuremberg Trials, but author Harold Serebro skilfully presents the case and poses the question, Is Becher beyond redemption? Dr Serebro is to be congratulated for shedding light on one of the most enigmatic of the Nazi perpetrators - SS Colonel Kurt Becher. What makes this book all the more compelling and unique is the moral dilemma raised concerning Becher's behaviour during and after the Holocaust. A must read! --Ronnie Mink, National Chairman, Yad Vashem, South Africa Beyond Redemption? is a significant scholarly and eloquent contribution to the history of the Holocaust, and is the result of more than a decade of meticulous research and labour in the passionate and relentless pursuit of truth and justice. --Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein, The Chief Rabbi of South Africa.

ISBN: 9780620346610
Binding: softcover
Publisher: Westmoreland & Trent Publisher;
Pages: 742
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