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Midnight Jewels  (Enlarge)  
Midnight Jewels
By:Tzvi White
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Dr. Binyamin Beck, specialist in atmospheric science, is also a relentless and resourceful crime fighter. As director of the East Cahill Citizen's Patrol, and working closely with the police department, it is his responsibility to protect the Jewish community of East Cahill from a steady flow of thieves, robbers and other assorted criminals. But Benny Beck is no ordinary crime fighter. He is deeply aware of Hashem's guiding Hand in everything that happens, and at the drop of a hat, he is ready to plunge into one of his patented "mussar moods," often driving his police liaison, Officer Chet Carter, to distraction. In Midnight Jewels, Beck finds himself on the trail of a mysterious gang of muggers who have just attacked an elderly Jewish lady in his neighborhood. His investigations lead him into perilous confrontation with murderous truck drivers and street thugs, a Japanese storekeeper, a villainous lawyer, a fearsome owner of a dry cleaning establishment and many other unsavory characters. But Beck is undaunted. With his able assistant Carter backing him up, and his wise wife Rusie providing moral support, Beck pursues the perpetrators of evil and brings the entire affair to a startling conclusion. Midnight Jewels is an exciting crime and adventure novel, liberally and delightfully sprinkled with Beck's mussar ruminations, which are faithfully drawn from the teachings of Rabbi Avigdor Miller, it is a true page-turner guaranteed to educate and inspire the reader even as it entertains him.

ISBN: 1560621877
Binding: hardcover
Publisher: CIS
Pages: 285
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