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Mourning and Remembrance  (Enlarge)  
Mourning and Remembrance
By:Rabbi Aaron Felder
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In the Jewish conception of life and the human soul, death is not the end of existence but a crucial translation in the development of the soul. The experience of death has nummerous significances, both for the deceased and the bereaved, such as respect for the dead, elevation of the soul, tragedy, loss, bereavement, mourning and remembrance, and the Torah way of life deals with all these issues according to Halachah and Jewish tradition. In this second and revised edition of the respected classic Sefer Yesodei Semachos, presently titled Mourning and Remembrance in Halachah and Jewish Tradition, Rabbi Aaron Felder has drawn on a wide range of sources to provide a concise yet comprehensive guide to the laws and traditions that govern the conduct of this period. Among many other issues, he discusses the time of imminent death, the point of the death, the funeral, the period of mourning, the unveiling of the monument, Yizkor and yahrzeit. Many of the Halachic rulings quoted in this book were rendered by the revered Halachic authority Rabbi Moshe Feinstein stz"l, with whom the author had a close personal association for many years. The book also includes a number of responsa dealing with the Halachic implications of various contemporary situations and problems.

ISBN: 1560621214
Binding: hardcover
Publisher: CIS
Pages: 183
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