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The Beauty of the Story  (Enlarge)  
The Beauty of the Story
By:Collected by Rosally Saltsman
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Every day of our lives, we write our own personal stories. Our stories speak about what we stand for and the values we treasure -- kindness and love, self-sacrifice, courage and commitment. Our stories reveal Hashem’s love for us, his involvement in every facet of our lives. Our stories have the ability to open our own eyes and the eyes of those around us to the eternal truths of life, to recognizing what’s really important. The authors in this book -- some familiar, some new -- have come together to share their stories of hope and inspiration. They reveal the greatness in seemingly ordinary people and the extraordinary qualities that exist in us all. Their messages will uplift you and touch your heart. This collection is filled with stories of courage, kindness, faith and Divine Providence. They reveal the Jewish people in all their glory ... and they are all true.

ISBN: 9781607630128
Binding: hardcover
Publisher: Judaica Press
Pages: 288
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