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The Secret Code & other stories  (Enlarge)  
The Secret Code & other stories
By:Gershon Kranzler
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The Secret Code and Other Stories is a collection of stories describing the experiences, challenges and tests of character faced by Jewish boys in the twentieth century, as told by master storyteller, Dr. Gershon Kranzler. The heroes of these tales all have strong identification with their people and an unswerving loyalty to their faith. The Contest, A Real Champ, The Hitchhike and several other stories relate how Jewish youngsters withstand external pressures to change their convictions. The New Teacher, Higher Duty, Rescue From the Ocean describe the inner struggle to choose the way of the Jewish tradition over the temptations of modern secular living. The Friendly Pawnshop, The Value of a Cheesecake and The Siddur show the value of specific Jewish customs and traditions. Hijack, The Secret Code, and A Treasure Recovered are fascinating mysteries - two set in Israel, the other in Guinea during Word War II. Dr. Gershon Kranzler is an eminent educator and prolific writer, well steeped in Jewish tradition, who possesses a keen understanding of the needs and interests of the young reader.

ISBN: 9780826603440
Binding: hardcover
Publisher: Merkos L'Inyonei Chinuch
Pages: 107
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