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Eishes Chayil Pictorial  (Enlarge)  
Eishes Chayil Pictorial
By:Rabbi Yaakov Iskowitz
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Eishes Chayil was written by Shlomo Ha-Melech. It is part of Sefer Mishlei, a Sefer (Book) of great wisdom. The Rabbis said that the “Eishes Chayil” in its deeper meaning, is speaking about the Torah. We sing Eishes Chayil before Kiddush on Friday evening, because of Shabbos and the great part the woman has preparing for it. The song is alphabetical, praising the Eishes Chayil (“Ideal Woman”) with lines beginning with all 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet! (Yalkut)

ISBN: 1560623241
Binding: softcover
Publisher: CIS
Pages: 36
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