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The Secret Life of G-d  (Enlarge)  
The Secret Life of G-d
By:Rabbi David Aaron
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How much does our perception of God really matter? Many of us aren't conscious of our image of a "higher power." For some of us, that unspoken image is a Judgmental Parent or an exacting Old Man in the Sky. For others, God is an Imaginary Friend who is there to fix problems after we create them. David Aaron can help you discover a mature, new understanding of God and lead you to discover the wellspring of Divinity within you. By drawing on teachings of Kabbalah that were secret for millennia, he helps you to reclaim the power you've given away to negative images of God or passive images of yourself. These mystical secrets of Judaism can offer reassuring guidance, meaning, and purpose to the lives of people of all faiths. In the journey to discovering God's secret life you will: Awaken to your life's deepest purpose Delight in a deeper connection to your true inner self, God, and others Learn to experience God's infinite love for you Rise to new heights, cope with challenges, and make courageous choices Achieve true peace of mind and freedom from anxiety Aaron shares these profound ancient teachings in simple, everyday language with a touch of wit and humor. Rich in personal stories and anecdotes, his examples from daily life help us tap the transformational power hidden within and illuminate the surprising paradoxes of spiritual growth. Awakened to finally experience a personal connection to God, we are at last able to receive God's love unconditionally and discover our ultimate identity, divine purpose, and true happiness.

ISBN: 9781590302392
Binding: softcover
Publisher: Random House
Pages: 208
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