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The Fear Fix  (Enlarge)  
The Fear Fix
By:Sarah Chana Radcliffe
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From the bestselling author of Raise Your Kids Without Raising Your Voice, an authoritative guide to helping your child through moments of anxiety and fear While serious anxiety affects 1 in 5 children and teens, virtually every child has anxious moments and feelings of worry or dread. Fear of bees, robbers, lightning storms, worries about failing and being rejected, panic about sleeping alone—kids and teens experience all this and more. Friendly and authoritative, Sarah Chana Radcliffe helps parents understand the difference between “normal” and more serious anxiety, so that parents know when professional help is required and when home treatment is appropriate. With plenty of proven and sensible advice, The Fear Fix provides: strategies to help your kids through all the small and large anxious moments that they will inevitably encounter things you can say and do in the moment to help your child negotiate feelings of fear fear-calming activities and exercises your child can use independently mind-body strategies to calm fear in the moment and help heal fear at its source

ISBN: 9780062322166
Binding: softcover
Publisher: HarperCollins
Pages: 352
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