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Mastermind  (Enlarge)  
By:M.C. Milman
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Yeshivas Chachmas Yosef is having a snow day! It's the perfect opportunity for Zevy and Shragy to spend some time working together on the computer, especially after a phone call by the yeshivah's computerized calling system entices the boys to see if they can enter the yeshivah's computer system through their own computer modem. Cracking the access code to the yeshivah's computer is nothing for the novice computer hackers compared to the events and challenges that follow. When the two boys find themselves facing many issues now open to them at the stroke of a finger, they figure that it's only right to use the computer to provide the perfect way to give the school board the broader perspective of the student body. The required changes begin to add up as the boys uncover more and more intriguing files at their fingertips. But all of this monnlighting can begin to wear off on anybody, and Zevy is no exception. Shragy provides the perfect solution. Why not call another snow day using their computerized calling system once again? Couldn't all the boys use a small break? But soon Shragy and Zevy find that they are in over their heads in much more than snowy weather when not even the best of intentions seem to be able to save them when the memory of yeshivah's entire computer system is wiped out, and accusing fingers point to none other than Mastermind! M.C. Millman is the author of Mind Your Own Business, a novel for young adults and Too Tough to Care for younger readers. The author is also writing the popular series The Adventures of the Cheery Bim Band.

ISBN: 1560622733
Binding: hardcover
Publisher: CIS
Pages: 185
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