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Menoras Hamaor: The Jewish Child  (Enlarge)  
Menoras Hamaor: The Jewish Child
By:Rabbeinu Yitzchak Abohav
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Rabbeinu Yitzchak Abohav, the author of Menoras Hamaor, lived in Spain in the latter half of the fourteenth century. Rabbeinu Yitzchak Abohav appealed to his people to rediscover the sweet taste of the Torah and seek provision for their long journey into eternity.To accomplish this, he wrote a masterwork that encapsulated the basic elements of Judaism in a deceptively simple form, the classic Menoras Hamaor. In the long run, Menoras Hamaor struck a responsive chord among the Jewish people. It filled the very real need for a concise framework for the basic tenets of Judaism. Menoras Hamaor is an easy read that quotes the Agada without extensive comment, relying on it to be effective on an emotional level rather than an intellectual level. As such, it became one of the most beloved and widely read works of popular inspiration in Jewish religious literature. Not counting excerpts and synopses, it has appeared in seventy-six editions, originating in many cities across the European continent, North Africa, and the Near East. This volume, The Jewish Child, is excerpted from The Light of Mitzvos. It deals with the obligations of child to parent and parent to child, focusing on the mitzvos of kibud av va'eim, honoring parents, and chinuch, bringing up children. Together, these two mitzvos form the foundation of the Jewish family.

ISBN: 1560620595
Binding: softcover
Publisher: CIS
Pages: 61
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