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The God-Powered Life  (Enlarge)  
The God-Powered Life
By:Rabbi David Aaron
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You are an individual expression of God; thatís the teaching of the ancient Jewish mystical tradition. Here Rabbi David Aaron shows that when we truly connect to our inner self, that fact becomes wonderfully obvious. Each of us has a divine mission in life, he says, and when we understand this, we are empowered to take control of our life; to use our creative powers more fully; and to give more to others, our community, and the world. In The God-Powered Life, Rabbi Aaron uses Jewish mystical teachings, including the ten Sephirot, or attributes of God, to help us get in touch with our inner selves and find a deeper sense of our own self-worth. In his characteristic warm, witty, and accessible style, Rabbi Aaron helps us find a connection to the divine within ourselves and then shows us how to manifest that divine presence in our dealings with others and during tumultuous times.

ISBN: 9781590306529
Binding: softcover
Publisher: Trumpeter
Pages: 192
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