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Counterfeit Lives  (Enlarge)  
Counterfeit Lives
By:Avraham Krakowski
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Counterfeit Lives is the incredible story of a young man who was assigned to a secret counterfeiting operation in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp and lived to tell about it. Deported to Auschwitz after two hellish years in the Sosnowice ghetto, Avraham Krakowski did not know what to expect from the future. But then, in a stroke of seeming good fortune, he was chosen as part of a specially selected group of thirty-one prisoners to be sent off for a special assignment. The nature of the assignment remained secret, but all the men breathed a sigh of relief at being released from Auschwitz.Their optimism, however, was premature. Their destination was the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, and their assignment turned out to be the counterfeiting of English pounds.The food was adequate, the working conditions were reasonable, the harassment was to a minimum. but there was little solace in all of this.

ISBN: 1560622687
Binding: hardcover
Publisher: CIS
Pages: 302
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