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Majesty and Glory  (Enlarge)  
Majesty and Glory
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The Sages ascribed great importance to the synagogue, so much so that they forbade Jews from residing in a place that has no synagogue (Sandhedrin17b). The synagogue plays an important role in Jewish life. It is a place where one can fulfill the commandments of prayer and partake in communal gatherings. there are different types of synagogues in Israel. Every city has a "Great Synagogue" attended y its chief Rabbi and notable cantors, as well as smaller synagogues for the various communities who want to retain their particular customs of prayer, such as Ashkenazi, Sephardi, etc.. Still smaller synagogues sometimes serve only residents of a certain neighborhood or even a single street. In some synagogues, the style of prayer is specific to certain communities, while in others the style is uniform and thus allows any Jew from home or abroad to take part in prayer. Some synagogues are housed in luxurious structures while others are modest in their appearance. Among this great variety o synagogues in Israel, everyone can ind his special place. We assembled a colorful collection of select synagogues from all over Israel- of all sizes and shapes, ancient and modern, and from diverse communities. Each synagogue is unique with a history of its own. We on our part have done our best to enhance the "diminished sanctity" (Ezekiel 11:16) that must serve the Jewish people until the Messiah comes to rebuild the Temple.

ISBN: 9789652208286
Binding: hardcover
Publisher: Carta
Pages: 240
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