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Adventures of a Lifetime #2: Churva Plot  (Enlarge)  
Adventures of a Lifetime #2: Churva Plot
By:Zev Spektor
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The dust has barely settled from Avraham Simans last adventure when he and his friends stumble upon a sinister plot to destroy the beautiful new Churva shul in Yerushalayim. But questions abound: Is the plot real, or just the wild imaginings of their adventurous minds? If it is real, whos behind it? Abu Rash, the Arab gang-leader who is supposedly sitting in a Turkish prison? The crazy seer, who suddenly reappears in the heart of the Holy City? Or perhaps someone else -- someone they dont even suspect ... The search for answers begins as Avraham and his friends set out on their next ... Adventure of a Lifetime!

ISBN: 9781607630876
Binding: hardcover
Pages: 288
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