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Adventures of a Lifetime #1: Destination Unknown  (Enlarge)  
Adventures of a Lifetime #1: Destination Unknown
By:Zev Spektor
List: $19.95
Price: $14.96
Avraham Siman's father has been missing for weeks, and Avraham has no idea what has happened to him. When Rebbe Yitzchak invites Avraham to join him on a mysterious journey, he agrees. Without knowing why or where, he leaves his home near Yerushalayim and sets off. The times are dangerous and peril lurks down every path -- dangerous bandits ... quicksand ... stormy seas -- but Rebbe Yitzchak is always with him, his steadfast guide and companion. What lies at the end of Avrahamís journey? Will he find what he seeks? Does he even know what heís looking for? Join Avraham on this unforgettable voyage -- an Adventure of a Lifetime!

ISBN: 9781607630654
Binding: hardcover
Pages: 296
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