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Lemon with a Chance of Sunshine & Other Stories  (Enlarge)  
Lemon with a Chance of Sunshine & Other Stories
By:Miriam Schonzeit
List: $17.95
Price: $13.46
Stories that grab hold of you ... •What can you do with ten pounds of lemons and a broken-hearted little sister? •When your closest friend drops you like a hot potato, how do you know when it’s right to let in someone new? •What do you do when you owe somebody "big time" and -- no matter how hard you try -- the person just won’t let you pay it back? •When you’re trapped in the school fridge with nothing but a jar of pickles and your pride, which one should you swallow first? And much more ... 21 fascinating stories in all, from the popular author of The Sweetest Song, The Ten Worst Things and Hot Dogs to the Rescue!

ISBN: 9781607630111
Binding: hardcover
Pages: 304
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