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Tales from the East: Ezra the Physician  (Enlarge)  
Tales from the East: Ezra the Physician
By:S. J. Revich
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Gather around the fire in the remote Moroccan village of Kalim, young readers, and listen to the Ancient Storyteller of Kalim spin another of his marvelous tales about heroes and villains and adventure in exotic places. Make yourselves comfortable as the last rays of the sun fade away behind the distant purple mountains and let the wondrous Storyteller transport you to a different time and a different place on the wings of his magical tale. This time, you will be carried back many centuries to the fabled city of Marrakesh when it was ruled by the great and powerful Sultan Ahmed al Mansur. So settle back and prepare yourselves for the humorous but spine tingling story of Ezra the Physician. Who was Ezra the Physician? Why, he was the best known Jewish physician of Marrakesh, a little bit of a bumbler but with a heart of gold. As the story unfolds, Ezra is called to the sultan's palace to find a cure for the young prince lying stiffly on his bed while two giant Nubian slaves brandishing wicked swords stand guard over him. Trembling inwardly, Ezra realizes his life is at stake should he fail to heal the young prince, but as events reveal themselves, he discovers a dark and evil plot which presents an even greater danger to both himself and the prince. In Ezra the Physician, the third book in the popular Tales from the East series, S.J. Revitch has surpassed his own high standards set by Ibrahim the Magician and The Camel Boy, the first two books in the series. Ezra the Physician is a book bursting with warmth, wry wisdom, high spirits and a wonderful sense of adventure and suspense, guaranteed to satisfy and delight even the most demanding and discriminating readers. S.J. Revitch's ever growing readership has come to expect nothing less than the very best from him, and he has delivered in abundant measure.

ISBN: 935063633
Binding: hardcover
Publisher: CIS
Pages: 126
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