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Skullcaps 'n' Switchblades  (Enlarge)  
Skullcaps 'n' Switchblades
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This is the touching and uproarious true story of a bearded, skullcapped Orthodox Jewish teacher who finds himself assigned to a class of learning-impaired children in a black ghetto school in Buffalo, New York. In his humorous casual style, the author describes how he and his students overcome their reservations about each other and develop a singular relationship of mutual trust and regard. He demonstrates that diverse backgrounds and beliefs are not necessarily a barrier to harmony and racial rapport, that deep conviction, integrity and honesty lead to respect and understanding. The imaginative application of Talmudic precepts applied to inner-city educational problems helped the Dr. Lazerson develop an innovative approach to learning disabilities which has been widely acclaimed int eh worldwide educational community.(

ISBN: 935063307
Binding: hardcover
Publisher: CIS
Pages: 205
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