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Complex Mission  (Enlarge)  
Complex Mission
By:Yaakov Hirschson
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This fascinating tale will take you across the ocean from Nazi occupied Germany to the UNited States of America, where a ring of german spies have infiltrated the highest ranks of government. What better way to cover their tracks than by coercing a helpless Jew into serving as a pawn in their treacherous game of deceit and betrayal? Set against the backdrop of war-ravaged Warsaw where thousands of Jews were faced with untold misery, depair and ultimately death, Chaim Greenspan is faced with a choice that appears wrose than death itself. He suffers a manifold dilemma: Should he concentrate on ensuring his own survival? Will he succumb to his anxiety over the fate of his loved ones in the lethal clutches of the germans? Can he accept the deplorable, revolting option available to him as a means of rescue for all of them? Will he be able to withstand the pangs of his own conscience? Which will he choose?

ISBN: 9139000155
Binding: hardcover
Publisher: Paragon Press
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