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The Dik Duk Book  (Enlarge)  
The Dik Duk Book
By:Rabbi Shalom Gold
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The Hebrew Language is built around three-letter root words, each of which forms the core of the nouns, verbs, and other parts of speech relating to that root. The nuances of eating, feeding, being fed, digesting, being eaten, gluttony, slaughtering knife, devouring, eatable and, indeed, the word “food” itself, are all created by the addition of predictable and consistent prefixed, suffixed, infixes (inserted letters), and vowels which attach to a single, unique, three-letter root (shoresh). The keys to understanding are: identifying the root and identifying the function of the letters and vowels attaching to the root. This book can teach you to do that, in just a few hours.

ISBN: 1560623325
Binding: softcover
Publisher: Pirchei Shoshanim Books
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