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The Adventures of the Cheery Bim Band Vol. 3: March to the Music!  (Enlarge)  
The Adventures of the Cheery Bim Band Vol. 3: March to the Music!
By:M.C. Milman
List: $18.95
Price: $14.21
Yossi Belsky isn't too sure about Gavriel's latest idea. Running a summer camp for a gang of seven-year-olds doesn't really appeal to him, especially when it means spending the summer with his little brother Ephraim! Binyamin Weintraub loves the idea, though, and soon the other band members are caught up in the enthusiasm. But there's one thing they haven't counted on, mischievous Aryeh Levenstien. Shaya Ginsburg and Moshe Chaim Kramer are stumped. With Aryeh leading the rest of the campers in disrupting every band practice, it doesn't look like the parents will get the performance they're expecting at the end of the summer. Gavriel Weintraub is the leader of the band, and it is his job to come up with a solution. Has the Cherry Bim Band finally met its match? Find out in...March to the Music!

ISBN: 1560622190
Binding: hardcover
Publisher: CIS
Pages: 176
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