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Family for A While  (Enlarge)  
Family for A While
By:Miriam Kosman
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Bewildered, lonely and mature beyond her years, Tallie Delmark is an embattled young orphan, the product of an endless stream of foster homes, many of them cruel and uncaring. When she is separated from her brother Eitan, her only ally in a world full of strangers, Tallie is resentful and wary, convinced that happiness will never be within her grasp. In her new surroundings, the young orphan resolutely closes her heart to any gestures of warmth and endeavors to keep her distance from the Kramers, her "family for a while. " Beneath her tough exterior, Tallie is just an ordinary four teen-year-old, desperate for the affection and stability of a loving family environment. Slowly realizing how much the Kramers care for her, Tallie is hesitant to return their affections, knowing in her heart that she could never abandon her brother. It is an uphill struggle for the lonely teenager as she learns to overcome the obstacles that stand in between her and the family she so wants to be a part of.

ISBN: 1560622024
Binding: hardcover
Publisher: CIS
Pages: 175
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