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Heir to the Throne  (Enlarge)  
Heir to the Throne
By:Shmuel Rothstein
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The year is 1470. The place is the remote Kingdom of Hungary, far from the great Torah centers of Spain and France. In the royal capital of Tirnau, the Jewish community celebrates the arrival of its new Rabbi, a great Torah luminary who has been persuaded to come from Spain where the persecution of Jews intensifies day by day. His name is Rabbi Yitzchak de Cordova, the author of Sefer haminhagim. Among the gentile observers of the gala welcome prepared for the new Rabbi is young Prince Ordan, heir to the throne of Hungary. The great spiritual joy of the downtrodden Jews of Tirnau makes such a profound impression on the young crown prince that he feels his whole world has turned upside down. From that day on, he begins a long and courageous odyssey that completely changes his life and threatens severe repercussions both for himself and the Jews of Tirnau. Heir to the Throne is a classic historical novel, written in Yiddish by Shmuel Rothstein and first published in Poland in the early 1900s. In this sensitive and lyrical translation by Chana Feferkorn, the story of the Baal Haminhagim and the Crown Prince of Hungary, an almost forgotten footnote to Jewish history, comes to life in rich descriptive colors and an intensity of feeling that captivates the imagination. It is a story of friendship and devotion, of faith, courage and extraordinary heroism in a world seething with greed, treachery and hatred.

ISBN: 1560620439
Binding: softcover
Publisher: CIS
Pages: 220
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