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Chaimkel the Dreamer  (Enlarge)  
Chaimkel the Dreamer
By:Meir Uri Gottesman
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Chaimkel the Dreamer is the wonderfully funny and heartwarming story of the trials and tribulations of the Heller family as they move to Toronto and try to make a living operating a small Jewish bookstore. In particular, it is the story of young Chaimkel Heller, a boy blessed with boundless imagination, who is constantly trying to help his father, with some rather unusual results. Enter the magical world of Chaimkel's imagination, and discover a flying bais that can carry you high into the sky, nine ghostly men doomed to wait forever for a tenth man to make a minyan, a mountain of shaymess that threatens to engulf a good part of Toronto, a group of choosy esrogim carefully selecting their owners before Sukkos and many, many more. Parents and educators will also be gratified to find the pages of this book thoroughly imbued with excellent Hashkofos and Torah values. Chaimkel the Dreamer will educate the child even as it stimulates his imagination

ISBN: 0935063269
Binding: hardcover
Publisher: CIS
Pages: 155
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